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Client Testimonials

“An outstanding presenter whose practical knowledge is truly in touch with reality!”
Steve Olech, Finance Manager, Adtrans Automotive Group, SA.


“Your non-conventional training methods and the tools we were given will be of long term benefit. The participative nature of your training will ensure the implementation of new skills in the workplace. You have set the standard by which future trainers will be judged!”
Stefan Kerpen, Head of Economic Development, GOPA Consulting, Germany.


“I would like to thank you for taking on this project and to thank you for your wisdom and leadership in its implementation. We are as a company very pleased with the result.”
John George, Managing Director, MGA Whittles.


“Your commitment and skills led to many achievements, despite the tough and at times hostile environment. Your personality and good sense of humour complement the integrity that you bring to your work”
Joe Miller, Director, Enterprise plc, UK.


“I’m already using what I’m learning during this training. After each session we have a team debrief and come up with a plan of what we can do next and when.”
Ernesto Lepore, Matlin Autos, REPCO dealership (SA).


“The style and the personality of the trainer blended perfectly with the subject matter to allow for open, free-flowing and non-judgemental interaction between all participants”
Participant, Bridgestone Australia.


“…the practitioners who attended the seminar were impressed by the quality of the presentation and we hope we have the opportunity to call on you again in the future”
David Howard, President, The Law Society of SA.


“Alan was professional, knowledgeable and interesting to listen to – GREAT job!”
Participant, RDNS.


“What drew me to your business in the first place was the promise of a robust and business relevant education program which would deliver visible outcomes in my company. This is a promise that you well and truly delivered. In all cases it has inspired the participants to expand on their learning’s by joining our environmental management committee and investigating further study options.”
Shaun Barclay, GM, Cadillac Printing.


“Good balance of presentation, group involvement etc. Training was adapted to our industry. Alan is an outstanding presenter with great experience”
Participant, Bridgestone Australia.


“What I most appreciated about the training was that it was done in a casual, positive environment. We were made to feel at ease and given lots of support with understanding the subjects. I feel that the course has given me some really great tools to be able to do my job better on a day-to-day basis”
Participant, Maggie Beer Products.


“Thanks so much for your feedback – I’ve really enjoyed your sessions and how this course has improved my performance and insight across many areas in my industry” Participant, Gawler Health Services.


“The happy attitude, flexibility and general approach to the course was excellent!”
Participant, Minelab Electronics.


“My brain was kept on its toes – most courses I am asleep in 15 minutes. Constantly kept thinking. Well animated, full of energy and engaging”
Participant, Bridgestone Australia.