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Who we are

We are a management development organisation with more than 30 years of  experience from more than 15 countries.

Our area of expertise is Performance Improvement through better Management Practices. People like working for winning and caring companies and to be a winner you need a competitive edge and dedicated staff.

This is where our training and consulting services really add value – highlighting a path for continuous improvement and success as well as helping your staff to be more engaged, competent and committed.

Alan Slater
T: +61 404 130 894
E: alan@businessdynamics.biz

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“My brain was kept on its toes – most courses I am asleep in 15 minutes. Constantly kept thinking. Well animated, full of energy and engaging” 
Participant, Bridgestone Australia.

“Your non-conventional training methods and the tools we were given will be of long term benefit. The participative nature of your training will ensure the implementation of new skills in the workplace. You have set the standard by which future trainers will be judged!”
Stefan Kerpen, Head of Economic Development, GOPA Consulting, Germany.

“Good balance of presentation, group involvement etc. Training was adapted to our industry. Alan is an outstanding presenter with great experience”
Participant, Bridgestone Australia.