Gold Medal Communications

For as long as I’ve been in management and consulting the absolute Number 1 personal and company problem I’ve encountered in almost every company has been Communications!

And it’s so simple and tangible and yet so very hard to resolve….
And, as always, the answer is not really that hard – you just need to know where to look for it.

Because if we focus on “fixing” communication, it’s not going to work – what we really need to focus on is what comes before and after communication.

So let me ask you two vital questions:

  1. What is it that is not happening, that you’re not feeling or experiencing when you’re communicating?
  2. And, secondly, what is it that you need to do, change or be in order to get there?

So let’s say you want to be a powerful, credible communicator so that people act on your advice and instructions and, ideally, without the need to repeat yourself, cajole or threaten – then you should focus on building your credibility as a speaker and communicator.

If you want your messages to have impact, to position yourself as an expert in your company or community, the person to go to, then you need to focus on the perceived value and relevance of the information.

Or perhaps what you would really like is for your staff to appreciate and enjoy what you say and really remember it – then look at how you connect with your listeners, what is interesting and fun to them.

If it is rapport and engagement you’re after then your listening skills and general attitude are of great importance and should be the focus of your improvement efforts.

So take some time to think about what it is that you want to achieve using this powerful and so under-utilised tool of communication and then go to the beginning – link it/them to those skills and behaviours that will help you to get there.
Also, look for more practical help in our next report on the subject.

PS – please remember that the biggest danger in Communication is assuming that it has taken place!
PPS – we’re running one of our series of breakfasts on this very subject soon…so watch this space!

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Exercise Executive Stretch

Business Dynamics, represented by Denitza Genova and 26 other South Australian employers spent 3 days (27-29 October 2011) at the RAAF Base Edinburgh participating in Exercise Executive Stretch (EES).

This is a regular annual event, which demonstrates the benefits of Reserve service to employers and provides them with an opportunity to experience life as a Reservist.

During the Exercise, we were physically and mentally stretched (though to a much lesser degree that a Reservist would be) and enjoyed a range of educational, physical and social experiences.

This was a very intensive programme, extremely well organised by the Defence Reserves Support and was a showcase of brilliant implementation of sound management tactics and operations – project management, risk management, team building, training and development, motivation, creating a challenging but enjoyable environment. [...]

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Steve Wozniak: The Profile of The Inspirational Leader

I, perhaps like most of you, have always associated Apple Computers with the other Steve, Steve Jobs. The one who is always interviewed, who is behind all deals, who gets most of Apple’s publicity.

So I didn’t know what to expect when Steve Wozniak took the stage. I did expect him to read his presentation, since, pardon the stereotype, a lot of engineers like Steve feel uncomfortable presenting without “security blankets”.

But it wasn’t the case with Steve. He didn’t read his speech, and he didn’t have sensational facts and stories to tell us.

He just told his story and the story of Apple Computers, and in doing so he captured the undivided attention of every single person in the hall for a whole hour.

Such is the power of Story Telling, it is not just for kids, it is for adults in business suits as well. And this skill is priceless. But I will get back to it later.

For now I just want to present the profile of the Inspirational Leader, from the way I saw and heard Steve Wozniak. [...]

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So what makes a Great Boss?

Is it recognising when I do great work? Or is it simply not kicking my butt if I screw up?

Most of us would agree that these are important, but is it more important to be trusted with challenging work? Or to be given regular and honest feedback? Maybe “greatness” is characterised by being given the resources I need (without begging!) to do my job?

All of these were in the Top Ten among 3,000 employees surveyed last year – but none of them were Number 1!
Can you guess what was?

A GREAT boss is “trustworthy and open in approach” more.. [...]

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