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Our Training Approach

There are many training and consulting providers out there. How do you choose “the best one for you”?

Research shows that people make their choice by the process of elimination. Rather than choosing the best one from a range, the brain compares all and takes out the least desirable options until the best one is left.

We know that you haven’t got time to compare all so we make it simple by finding out what you don’t like and we don’t give it to you.

It’s simple and it has to be the best choice!

The 4 pillars of our training approach

1. Practical Training

Our delivery is based on presentation and discussion of practical management tools, models and know-how, not on reviewing reading materials.

2. Accelerated Learning

Accelerated learning is facilitated by getting participants to apply what they’ve learned in real time by practicing in groups and discussing the results.

3. Applied Assessment

Traditional academic assessment is replaced by application and demonstration of learned skills in real work situations. This increases dramatically the learning outcomes and provides a more tangible means of assessing the course effectiveness

4. Use of Humour

We genuinely believe that people learn best when they’re having fun!