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What do Google, Virgin and Walt Disney have in common…???

Answer: FUN!!!

It’s Monday morning. It’s 07.00. As you swing your legs out of bed to start another week, what motivates you to go to work? What presses your buttons? What lights up your lights?

We’ve had lots of answers to that question over the years… “It pays the bills…”,I feel obliged”, “It gets me away from the partner and kids” and my all-time favourite, “It’s a viable alternative to daytime television” are amongst the negative ones.

But we also get some great positive ones – “My work is always interesting and challenging”, “I really feel part of a team at work” and, every now and then… “My workplace is just great FUN!”

Try putting the word FUN in the same sentence as the word WORK and see what kind of response you get from Bosses! The initial responses we often get when raising the subject range from the patronising, “I don’t really think that will work here” to the verging on apoplectic, McEnroe-esque, “You can NOT be serious!”

There is something almost akin to the Darkside when linking FUN and WORK – we can almost hear Yoda saying to Luke Skywalker, “Good Manager he was, until work and fun brought together he did!”

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Fun at Work – the Google Australia Way

OK…so it’s January and its heads down and bums up time for everyone who has a contribution to make to 2017!

But there is still no good reason to banish FUN from the work environment and I thought you might like the short video attached.

We all know about Google being a “fun” place to work, but, until recently most of the promo was about their US operations and we might have been forgiven for thinking that it was a one-off location or mindset…but the good news is that the same philosophy to having GREAT FUN while achieving GREAT THINGS is the norm here in Australia as well!

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